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Vintage Action Figure Profile: Star Wars 1977 Princess Leia


Princess Leia, the main heroine of the original Star Wars trilogy, redefined how a female lead should act in the face of danger. Instead of playing the weak maiden-in-distress that needed rescuing, the Princess from Alderaan was a take-charge, gun-shooting, back-talking woman of action and being such, she broke the glass ceiling on the myth that no boys would ever play with a female figure.

On the contrary, the Princess Leia action figure was a staple of any Star Wars collector's display. Added to that, the tough-talking Princess with a blaster led the way for young girls to finally put down the plastic tea sets and get down on the carpet and have some good old action figure fun as well as the boys.

Here we take a look back on the action figure that more for the hearts of young girls, and the minds of young boys, than any After School Special.

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