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How to Spot a True Vintage Figure


How to Spot a True Vintage Figure
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Finding a vintage figure in great condition is one of the best things an action figure hunter can imagine, but you can't assume a figure is what it is without doing a little checking.

This particular figure was found in a comic book shop and it was immediately assessed to be in fine to near mint condition (C6-7 to C8-9) but as an avid collector, I knew that there had been reproductions of this figure released only a few years ago. How do you know it's an original?

One easy way to tell is to look for any copyright information on the figure. All vintage Star Wars figures were made in Taiwan or Hong Kong and it is well-known that this figure was originally produced in 1977. A quick glance at the back of the figure's left leg showed that this figure is indeed the real deal.

Finding vintage figures, especially figures you once owned, can make for a very satisfying collection and even make you feel like a kid again. And let's be honest, that's a major part of why we do this, right?

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