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Big Head and Little Head


Big Head and Little Head
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One of the more interesting aspects of this figure is that shortly after its release, Kenner sent the figure through a complete overhaul, on its head at least. For reasons unknown to most fans, the toy company chose to completely re-sculpt the head, going from a smaller version, known as Small Head Han (pictured above), of course, to one with a considerably larger head, now referred to as Big Head Han, naturally.

Oddly enough, this would turn out to be one of those cases where they got it right the first time as many collectors and Star Wars fans felt that the second, larger head with disproportionately huge and, let's be honest, downright homely. The classic Star Wars figures were never known for their movie-accurate head sculpts, and that was just fine, which is hard to believe in this day of action figure's faces looking exactly like their actors. But fans back then felt that if neither figure is going to look like Harrison Ford, we'd rather have the better looking one back.

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