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History of Action Figures

The past is an important part of the action figure industry. Not only did it shape what collectors find in toy aisles today, but new figures are always hearkening back to the lines of old. Take a look at these diverse histories of action figures to stay caught up on the present.

10 '80s Cartoons That SHOULD Have Had Action Figures
If such '80s cartoons as Blackstar and the Centurions had action figure lines, why not Thundarr or Danger Mouse? See what other animated icons we pined for and never got in the the "me decade".

A History of G.I. Joe
Take a journey through the history of G.I. Joe with this look at the "real American hero" throughout the brand's history.

A History of the Lego Minifigure
The Lego minifigure is one of the most iconic designs in the world of action figures. Find out where the classic little yellow action figure got its start many years ago.

Romper Zombie Debuts at New York Toy Fair 2013
Romper Zombie is a new line of figures which made its debut at New York Toy Fair 2013 on the way to a growing product line.

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