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Many collector's tend to have their favorites and buy many different versions of that character's action figures. I have been a fan of Batman, in all of his incarnations, since I can remember and my action figure collection shows it. There have been hundreds of different Batman figures over the years, but I've managed to keep my collection somewhat streamlined by being a little picky. I tend to go for the simpler versions of Batman, ones that stay somewhat true to his original design.

This is just a sampling of my personal collection, but it represents some of my favorites and I even managed to include a bootleg figure from Mexico and one that is technically a figurine. Hopefully, taking a look at this collection can give beginning collectors an idea of how they may wish to develop a collection that specializes in a particular character.

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Pencil Topper BatmanImaginext BatmanDC Universe: Infinite Heroes BatmanMcDonald's Premium Batman
Mexican Bootleg BatmanFirst Appearance BatmanThe BatmanBatman Begins Figure circa 2005
DC Comics BatmanAnimated Series Batman
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