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Transformers Prime Wheeljack Review

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Transformers Prime is one the best shows centered on an action figure property in a very long time. The standard set of characters are understandably well designed and engaging, but in a welcome change from most shows, the guest characters are just as engaging. Wheeljack had one of the most memorable guest appearances in the cartoon, and he has one of the most memorable figures in the first wave of the Transformers Prime line as well.

Whether Wheeljack is in vehicle or robot form, it's a fun and visually pleasing figure that's sure to be enjoyed by the biggest or smallest of Transformers Prime fans and action figure collectors.


  • Name: Wheeljack
  • Line: Transformers Prime
  • Series: Deluxe Class - Series 1: 003
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Scale: 5-inch
  • Acccessories: Two swords

Sculpt and Design

It's rare that a deluxe class figure captures a character's robot mode well, but this take on Wheeljack looks a lot like the television show's design. There are a few spots here and there that aren't perfect, but on the whole, this figure looks like it stepped off the screen, right down to the paint markings, large shoulder-pads, and its pair of swords.

Wheeljack doesn't a lot of "kibble" to contend with in robot mode either. He has some extra plastic dangling behind his legs and on the inside of his arms. Neither instance is prominent and can easily be posed around. Wheeljack's head sculpt matches his warrior-like mentality on the show, and tops off an overall attractive figure. The only drawback from this figure's design is that its swords are soft on the detail and shape. For all the other tight points and clean edges on this figure, it wouldn't hurt to make the swords look a little more intimidating.

Wheeljack's vehicle mode is nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done. The car is a generic sports car, and does match the on-screen version well. The gaps aren't too significant, and the swords are able to attach to the front of the vehicle for some extra fun.

Paint and Color

Wheeljack comes in his standard color scheme, white with red and green highlights. This figure's colors match its show appearance, and look good on their own as well. The white is clean and bright, while the accent colors are sharply and accurately applied. Getting color patterns to line up appropriately across two different forms is a challenge, but it's done masterfully this time. Wheeljack looks great in either form.

The swords, wheels, and Wheeljacks face are all painted a shimmering silver color instead of just being cast in the standard gray of which the rest of the figure is composed. This is a nice extra touch that makes the figure that much more visually appealing in both modes.

Articulation and Posing

Wheeljack rolls freely and quickly in vehicle mode. Plastic tires aren't always perfect in that area, but these are just fine. The transformation process for Wheeljack is actually a little confusing and hard to execute for a Deluxe Class figure. Some strange articulation around its elbows left me puzzled for a bit, and so did a few other unusual maneuvers. Consulting the included transformation-guide is certainly helpful with this one. That said, the articulation all held up well and did its job once the process was mastered.

As for Wheeljack's articulation in robot mode, it's surprisingly good for a Transformers this size. The ball-jointed hips combined with a swivel thigh create a lot of movement below the waist, made even better by the ball-jointed feet and hinged knees. The figure's arms aren't as perfect, due primarily to the previously mentioned strange elbow articulation. Wheeljack's large shoulders also restrict the arms' range of movement. Despite all that, there are still a lot of fun and achievable poses for his swords thanks to good swivel-hinged wrist articulation.

Overall Thoughts

Wheeljack was a fun character when he appeared on Transformers Prime, and this is an equally fun figure to represent him. No matter the mode, Transformers Prime Wheeljack will have kids and collectors playing and posing. It's not a masterpiece, but it is a great addition to any Transformers or cartoon collection, or good buy for anyone looking for a fun toy.

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