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Transformers Prime Megatron Review

A Mega Success

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Most Transformers miss the mark when capturing an on-screen version of the character in a robot mode. Not this one. This figure looks exactly like the Megatron featured in every episode Transformers Prime. In other words, it looks absolutely fantastic. Everything about this figure is incredible, right down to the teeth.

Megatron is the best figure in the Transformers Prime line in its first few waves, making it a must-have for fans of the shows, kids everywhere, and any die-hard action figure collector looking for a great Transformer.


  • Name: Megatron
  • Line: Transformers Prime
  • Series: Voyager Class - Series 1: 002
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Scale: 7-inch
  • Acccessories: Fusion cannon and battle claw

Sculpt and Design

Megatron is easily one of the best-looking Transformers in recent memory. This figure captures the animated version of the character perfectly. It looks like it stepped right off the screen, from its thick calves, spiky shoulder-pads, and pointed fingers down to its teeth and Decepticon symbol, Megatron is perfect. It's almost totally "kibble" free, and what little "kibble" there is on its back is well hidden.

Megatron's incredible sculpt and design is in-part thanks to the character's science-fiction vehicle mode. Instead of trying to cram all the different details into a specific real-world vehicle, Hasbro could rely on the vehicle's odd dimensions and strange elements to perfect the robot mode. In a vast majority of Transformers, the vehicle mode is given priority. That was not the case with Megatron. His design clearly started as a robot, and it pays off.

The Voyager Class Megatron is ideal for Deluxe Class figures like Wheeljack and Cliffjumper too. In the show, Megatron and Optimus Prime are significantly taller than the standard characters, and Megatron is considerably larger than the smaller figures in the line.

And the wonderful thing is that, despite the perfect alternate mode, the vehicle mode still turned out great. It's a convincing science-fiction aircraft that's very reminiscent of the vehicle seen on the show. There's practically nothing about this figure not to like, no matter the mode.

Paint and Color

The positives don't end with the sculpt. The paint and color design are extremely well executed as well. A majority of the figure is cast in a beautiful pearl-gray. It looks wonderful in person, even though it rarely comes across well in photos. There are also translucent purple elements added into the design that look absolutely amazing. The Fusion Cannon accessory includes a red light action feature, and it lights up the various translucent purple areas in a subtly neat way.

There aren't many paint applications on the figure, but what few exist are done well. The face is painted in silver, there is a big swatch of purple on the calves, and there are a couple Decepticon symbols. Everything is done crisply, and each elements adds an extra little tough to Megatron's appearance.

Articulation and Posing

Even though Megatron features a lot of large body parts and accessories, the articulation doesn't suffer. This figure can achieve a lot of engaging poses, making it perfect for displays or battle scenes. The shoulders are tight enough to support the weight of the accessories, and his legs are tight enough to hold up the large torso. It's a surprisingly well-balanced figure as well.

Megatron's transformation is complex, but the articulation is smooth and trouble-free throughout it. The complex transformation is what allows the figure to look so fantastic, so it's a necessary evil. Megatron is fun for posing and play, regardless of the mode it's in.

Overall Thoughts

There aren't many Transformers as well made and attractive as this Transformers Prime Megatron. It's an enjoyable figure that looks exactly like its on-screen counterpart. Kids will love it, collectors will adore it, and Transformers fans need to own it.

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