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Transformers Prime Cliffjumper Review

Jumping Off a Cliff

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Generally speaking, the Transformers Prime line of figures is a great new marquee line for Transformers fans new and old. Unfortunately Cliffjumper is not one of the best figures in the line's early waves. The character's influence on the cartoon is unmistakable, but its appearance as a toy is somewhat unforgettable. Unlike the fellow Series 1 figure Wheeljack, Cliffjumper is far from a masterpiece.

Cliffjumper lacks a creative design, features a "kibble" heavy robot mode, and has a random accessory. It's not all bad, because it's still a fun and high quality toy. In short, Cliffjumper is probably better-suited to kids and die-hard fans of the show than high-end action figure collectors.


  • Name: Cliffjumper
  • Line: Transformers Prime
  • Series: Deluxe Class - Series 1: 002
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Scale: 5-inch
  • Acccessories: Mace

Sculpt and Design

Cliffjumper seems like a figure that was designed in a hurry. Transformers require a lot of advanced engineering to make a transformation possible while keeping the figure attractive, and sometimes things just don't come out right. Cliuffjumper is a perfect example. The vehicle mode is practically perfect, but the alternate mode is full of problems.

The biggest issue with Cliffjumper's robot sculpt is his long, square, and "kibble" heavy arms. They don't match the shorter, rounder versions seen in the cartoon, and simply look misplaced with the rest of the smooth and curvy figure design. They can be posed to minimize the effect to a degree. They're very hard to hide effectively though, since they're such a major part of the figure. The figure's shoulders are much too small, and the large chunks of kibble on the side of its calves are also a problem.

There are a few things done well with Cliffjumper. The torso and head are both fantastic sculpts that perfectly capture the character's look on the show. Its legs and feet are well done on the front, but they're completely hollow in the back. Looking at this figure from behind suffers because of that oversight. The mace included with the figure is a neat addition, even if it doesn't necessarily fit the character.

Paint and Color

Cliffjumper is very red, and it's a very nice vibrant red. It's also cast in gray, black, and clear palstic. The molded colors all look great, and adequately get the character's appearance across no matter the mode. Cliffjumper is painted with small sections of silver and light blue to accent the cast colors, and every application is tight and clean, as they should be.

Articulation and Posing

Despite Cliffjumper's many problems, its ability to pose and balance are each outstanding. The figure has a very diverse articulation model that's made better by some superb balance. Cliffjumper can stand on one leg with arms outstretched. The figure can be posed in a lot of engaging ways, most of which couldn't be achieved by other Transformers. Its shoulders and elbows may look limiting due to their size, but they are not.

Cliffjumper's transformation is also smooth and simple. Most of the figure's faults are covered by the easy and enjoyable transformation process that results in a surprisingly fun figure. The joints are all smooth and trouble-free. Cliffjumper rolls well in vehicle mode too. Appearance is the only aspect of this figure that isn't fun.

Overall Thoughts

Cliffjumper isn't ideal for a collector that's looking for the perfect rendition of an on-screen appearance. Cliffjumper is great for anyone seeking a toy that's far from perfect, but often enjoyable.

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