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Action Figure Profile: Toys-R-Us Exclusive Star Wars Hoth Patrol Battle Pack


Star Wars action figures have been a staple of figure collectors since the first toys hit store shelves in 1978. The last few years have seen a huge resurgence in interest in collectible Star Wars figures as the collectors that played with them as children are now grown adults that have never lost their love for the films nor their hunger for more detailed and accurate figures based on the movies.

The latest lines of Star Wars Battle Packs from Hasbro are a series of multi-figure sets depicting key scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy. The Hoth Patrol set includes brand new sculpts of Luke Skywalker in Hoth outfit, the Tauntaun and the Wampa creature, made famous in the opening scenes of The Empire Strikes Back.

Why the Team-up?

The three figures included in the Battle Pack re-enact the scene in the movie in which Luke is on patrol on the ice planet Hoth, riding over the frozen wasteland on his Tauntaun, the giant bi-pedal mounts used by the Rebel Alliance.

In this memorable scene, Luke is attacked by the yeti-like Wampa creature, knocked out cold and dragged to its icy lair, where Luke eventually wakes up, spies the Wampa eating his Tauntaun and uses his lightsaber to free himself from the frozen trap and ultimately defending himself from the attacking Wampa, with the unfortunate creature loosing a large, hairy arm in the process.

The Packaging

The packaging in this set is taken several steps above the usual action figure blister card. The figures come already posed in a dramatic scene amid a background of icy stalactites designed to look like the inner cave of the Wampa.

This kind of packaging is so beautifully designed and presented that it inspires collectors who normally open the packaging to leave it just as it is and display it in all its glory.

The Figures

Each of the three figures are sculpted and painted with a high level of detail, which is appreciated by longtime fans of the movies and make for a better collectible piece.

Luke, represented in his Hoth outfit, boasts an excellent face sculpt virtually identical to the actor Mark Hammill, even including the infamous facial scars left by the Wampa. Rounding out this figure are his accessories; a see-through set of snow goggles with anti-glare yellow lenses and a blue translucent lightsaber, ready for action.

The Tauntaun's paint job is so detailed that the toy designers even made sure that it appears to be covered in a multitude of sticking snowflakes.

The Wampa, possibly the most detailed figure in the set, has an exquisite sculpt and paint job in which you can clearly see every detail down to his paw and footprints. The Wampa comes with a bloody haunch of on-the-bone Tauntaun meat to chew on. The best feature of the Wampa is the removable right arm, re-enacting the limb severing scene from the movie, which when taken off shows spatters of blood. That's a nice touch on the part of the designers.

Figure Specs:


  • Luke: 3 3/4" tall

  • Tauntaun: 7" long

  • Wampa: 5" tall

    Articulation Points:

  • Luke: 5

  • auntaun: 4

  • Wampa: 4

    Accessories Included:

  • Lightsaber

  • Snow goggles

  • Tauntaun meat

This set is a Toys-R-Us exclusive and therefore can only be found in their stores and is not available on the official Toys-R-Us website. Action figure exclusives are often highly sought-after by collectors and have a tendency to increase in value on the collectible market more quickly than mass-market toys as they tend have lower production runs and can be difficult to find. Between the set's rarity and excellent aesthetics, it could very well turn out to be a wonderful addition to any collection.

How Much?

Suggested retail price of $24.99.

Where Can You Find It?

Only in Toys-R-Us stores.

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