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Spotted! The Bigfoot Action Figure from Accoutrements


The good folks at Accoutrements have made a name for themselves by creating action figures that rise above your usual action movie heroes or cartoon characters, sticking with real life characters such as Edgar Allen Poe or Harry Houdini, and they've done it again with their brilliant Bigfoot action figure. Bigfoot isn't real, you say? Don't tell that to the people of the Pacific Northwest, where Bigfoot creatures are as common as coffee shops.

Often called "Sasquatch" in the Pacific Northwest, the "Yeti" in Tibet and China, and the "Skunk Ape" in the Everglades areas in Florida, history has been haunted with sightings of elusive giant, hairy men lurking in the woods. And now one can be spotted right there on the shelf, next to the other action figures.

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The Elusive BigfootI Thought He'd Be TallerPlaying in the Back YardA Bigfoot-Style Action Feature
The Included Stamp PadLeaving His MarkSigns of the Sasquatch
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