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Action figure collectors starting their collection who are seeking a place to gather and discuss their hobby with like-minded collectors would be wise to visit one of the following five discussion forums. There are a lot of different forums and message boards online, but these five stand out from the crowd and earn their place in the action figure community.

1. Raving Toy Maniac's ToyBuzz

Although not as popular as Raving Toy Maniac's old Toy Buzz board, the new ToyBuzz forum still features a lot of active discussion and bold opinions in a more controlled setting. Devoted collectors who have a lot to say will find a home at the ToyBuzz.

2. The Fwoosh Toy Forums

The forums at The Fwoosh cover a wide variety of lines and collector focuses, featuring an active community, galleries for custom figures, and tools for buying and selling.

3. TNI Forums

The Toy News International Forums may be the most active on the internet. With hundreds of thousands of posts and active users, the TNI Forums always have lively discussions regarding a variety of lines and genres.

4. Action Figure Insider Forums

Action Figure Insider is a great news site, and its accompanying forum has garnered a lot of attention from collectors. No matter the interest, brand, or figure a collector wants to discuss, they'll find a fellow collector with the same interests at the Action Figure Insider Forums.

5. Figure Realm

The forums at Figure Realm may not be as active as some of the others mentioned, but they featured more thorough discussion regarding vintage figures and have a huge base of customizers showcasing their works. There are ways to buy, sell, and trade, or just discuss one's favorite figures, making these forums friendly and practical.

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