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For those collectors who can't get enough online action figure coverage, and are looking for more than About.Com Action Figures' reviews, spotlights, checklists and more, there are a number of great action figure blogs entertaining collectors around the world. They can't all be featured in one short list, but five of my favorites are detailed below.

Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation

Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation is one of the most recognized and widely read action figure blogs online. Poe Ghostal is the alias of an individual who has covered action figures for Toyfare magazine, MWCToys.com, and a number of other outlets. He writes great reviews, posts incredible daily photos, and has interesting features like Toy Aisle Trolls. Every visit to Poe Ghostal's site is bound to include a great new read, image, or insight into the action figure industry. Poe offers a unique and valuable look into the world of action figures, and that's hard to come by.


I'm still not sure what the name It'sAllTrue.Net means, but I know one thing: it's one of the best action figure blogs in existence. IAT (as it's often called) serves collectors better than any site on the internet with absolutely perfect photos, high-traffic forums, detailed reviews, and the best checklists online. The commentary from IAT's multiple contributors is always genuine and entertaining, making it stand out in a sea of action figure blogs.


BattleGrip isn't your average action figure blog. Instead of just covering the mundane world of mass-produced action figures, BattleGrip's Philip Reed takes his expertise with art and gaming and utilizes it to create an engaging, varied, and always-enjoyable blog experience. There are reviews of indie figures and vinyl toys, news from every aspect of the industry, and a plethora of content of all kinds. It's easy to visit BattleGrip and spend a few hours enjoying oneself.

Toy A Day

Toy A Day earns its spot on this list due to nothing more than dedication. Toy A Day's author has writes about a new toy or action figure every single day. With almost 1000 different action figures covered so far, there are few sites with as much content or as many photos. It may not have a glossy exterior or flashy appearance, but Toy A Day is a collection of words and pictures from a collector who clearly loves the hobby. That's hard to find, and a treasure as far as action figure blogs go.

Weirdo Toys

Weirdo Toys makes this list because it's one of the most unique action figure blogs online. Instead of covering any number of good, well made, and attractive action figures being produced, Weirdo Toys aims its coverage towards the misfit toys and figures of the world. By covering bootlegs, poorly designed figures, and the strangest toys one's likely to see, this blog offers a truly individual perspective on the action figure industry. The writing is snarky, funny, and entertaining in its very own way, and collectors shouldn't miss out on the experience.

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