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The 10 Best Unofficial Lego Websites


Since Lego minifigures are basically the world's tiniest action figures, in terms of articulation, multitude of accessories and customizability, we thought it would be fun to go down the list of the top 10 (in no particular order) unofficial Lego websites devoted to promoting the spirit of Lego minifigure collecting.

1. MMCB Custom Minifig Cloth Accessories


Designing your very own Lego minifigure superhero? Then you need a custom cape! Or perhaps your custom minifig half-elf ranger needs a cloak of invicibility in your latest Brik Wars adventure. Then MMCB is the place to go for cloth accessories (capes, clothes, flags, etc.) that you won't get in just any old Lego set on the toy shelves!

2. BrickLink


This is the be-all end-all one stop shop for buying, selling and trading Lego minifigures (along with other Lego parts). Need some more Stormtroopers or that elusive Series 1 zombie? You're in luck with BrickLink!

3. Arealight Custom Work


Specializing is sci-fi themed custom minifigure parts, Arealight is the place to go for building that army of Mandelorians you always wanted. Be sure to take a look at their killer "crystal" parts.

4. Brickforge

Brick Forge

Unbelievable custom minifigure parts including a partiularly beautiful stars and stripes emblazoned shield that would have been carried by a certain patriotic Avenger. Excelsior, true believers!

5. Brick TW

Brick TW

Armor, clothing, headpieces and weaponry for Lego minifigures with a particularly ancient Japanese feel. Time to build that Samurai army!

6. Brick Arms

Brick Arms

Guns! Swords! Weapons galore! All custom designed, expertly molded and ready to be put into the hands of your minifigure warriors. Be sure to check out their retro ray-gun series! Pew! Pew! Pew!

7. Custom Crazy

Custom Crazy

Custom weapons (and some cooking utensils) for Lego minifigures. Like their motto says; "Even the purists will relent!"

8. Brick Wars Sets

Brick Wars Sets

Not to be confused with the role-playing Lego rules "Brick Wars", Brick Wars Sets is a complete guide to Star Wars Lego sets.

9. BrikWars


It's like D&D for Lego Minifig enthusiasts! Get all the rules for the game here along with dungeon building advice and tips for customizing your character's minifigure. The original Lego gaming!

10. The Brothers Brick

Brothers Brick

The ultimate LEgo fan site, celebrating collecting and building with creation showcases and much more! If it has to do with Lego, you'll find it here.

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