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There are a lot of great collectors out there contributing to the action figure community. Whether through online forums, toy shows, action figure fansites, toy stores, or buying and selling online, it's great to get in touch with fellow collectors. The following articles will point you to the best of the best in the action figure community.

The Working Class Villains Speak Out!
The 2 man team behind the ultra-exclusive Emerald Dragonrider figure answer a few of our questions and talk about what it takes to launch your own action figure line on pure sweat, know-how and determination.

Top 5 Action Figure Marketplaces
Buying and selling figures is one of the most enjoyable elements of an action figure collection. Many collectors are looking for the best place to participate in economic side of collecting, and the follow five spots are the best places to do so.

6 Action Figures Companies You Need to Know
There are a lot of action figure companies manufacturing action figures and collectibles in the world, but six stand out to the modern collector.

The Top 10 Action Figure Blogs
A major part of the fun of collecting action figures is getting to know the thoughts, hopes and stories from your fellow collectors. These days, thanks to the internet, diving into a sense of community is just a click away. There are thousands of blogs from people just like you who know the joys of action figure collecting. In these personal...

The 10 Best Unofficial Lego Websites
Lego fans are nothing if not devoted, so much so that they've built up a slew of great unofficial websites devoted to buying, selling, trading and customizing their Lego minifigures. We break down the top 10 right here.

Top 10 Action Figure Websites
Although About.com Action Figures should serve all your action figure needs, there are a lot of great sites out there that serve the action figure community.

Top 5 Action Figure Blogs
There's nothing action figure collectors like to do more than share their collections. Many collectors have taken to the internet to show off their figures, utilizing blogs to tell stories, share their figures, and provide entertainment for other collectors.

Top 5 Action Figure Forums
There are a number of online discussion forums which allow action figure collectors to gather and discuss their favorite companies, lines, and figures. The following five are the best the web has to offer.

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