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Top 5 Figures at Toy Fair 2012


With the thousands upon thousands of toys and action figures at Toy Fair each year, it's almost impossible to pick the five best figures at the show. Each of the major action figure manufacturers had a number of new releases and exciting new lines on display, making the decision even more difficult. There are so many great figures which could be named as the best of Toy Fair 2012, but the following five are the ones which stood out the most and should create the most excitement as the year wears on.

5. Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Men Two-pack

Photo © Mattel

Mattel's strong showing at Toy Fair 2012 was in large part due to the Masters of the Universe Classics figures on display. Not only did they show off never-before seen figures, but they announced a number of future releases that excited collectors. The 30th Anniversary celebration figures weren't as well received as those in the standard line.

One particular upcoming product stood out among the rest of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and that was the Snake Men Two-pack. This upcoming two-pack includes two generic Snake Men soldiers that include enough accessories to create multiple unique soldiers. This set is perfect for army building a horde of Snake Men to serve under the previously released King Hsss. It also complements the Palace Guards Two-pack extremely well, allowing collectors to build competing armies. To top it all off, the figures themselves looked incredible, with tight sculpts and eye-catching paint jobs.

4. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Photo © NECA

NECA continues to produce the best movie and video game based figures in the action figure industry, and their showing at Toy Fair 2012 didn't change anything in that respect. With a number of new Player Select video game figure releases on display, alongside lots of classic movie figures, NECA had a lot to show off.

The figures which caught the most eyes were actually the smallest. The classic film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial captured so many hearts in the '80s, and NECA's new E.T. figures looked like they'll recapture them. The little alien figure looks like it jumped right off the screen, and the various costumes he dons in the movie are all represented. This is a clever line and highly desired property finally being given the collector action figure treatment it has so long deserved.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset

Photo © Playmates Toys

The revival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may be the single biggest story in all of the action figure industry for 2012, and Playmates made sure everyone knew about it with their TMNT figures on display at Toy Fair 2012. The centerpiece of their Turtles display was the behemoth new Secret Sewer Lair Playset which hearkens back to the days of old, when playsets were gigantic and full of action features. This playset is every kid's dream, and will likely find its way to a number of collector shelves too.

2. Lego Lord of the Rings

Photo © Lego

Of all the companies at Toy Fair 2012, Lego may have had the most on display. With so many new properties alongside all the classic Lego staples, there was a lot to see. The Marvel Comics and DC Comics minifigures and sets looked incredible, although surprisingly there weren't any new reveals in the Lego Minifigures line.

As exciting as each of those collectors properties were, the one that stood out from the rest was the Lord of the Rings. Collectors have been waiting for years for Lego to manufacture sets based on the Lord of the Rings films, and finally seeing them in plastic is a welcome change. The minifigures all looked fantastic, and assembling a minifigure fellowship will be a must for every collector in 2012.

1. Transformers Generations Bruticus

Photo © Hasbro

Hasbro always makes sure Transformers has something big around the corner, and their Transformers assortment Toy Fair 2012 followed that trend. And when I say big, I mean it literally, thanks to the new Bruticus figure. This giant Decepticon is based on the character's design in the upcoming Fall of Cybertron video game. Bruticus will be composed of five smaller individually released Combaticon figures. It will be a huge figure both physically and in regards to hype, landing on every video game and action figure collector's wishlist when the Transformers Generations line finally hits stores later this year.

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