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Spotlight on Star Trek Kirk


I can't claim to be a devoted Star Trek fan. Quite frankly, I've never been interested by anything Trek until I saw the trailer for the rebooted Star Trek movie that this very toy is based on. Playmates made an attempt to do the movie justice with their Star Trek Warp Collection line of 6 inch figures, although I can only hope people enjoy the movie more than they're likely to enjoy this toy. There are a few redeeming qualities in Kirk, but only a few.

  • Name: Kirk
  • Line: Star Trek
  • Year of Release: 2009
  • Manufacturer: Playmates Toys
  • Scale: 6-inch

Sculpt and Design

Kirk has a uper boring sculpt where everything looks soft and rounded, with no dynamic or interesting shapes or angles. His face is expressionless with no distinguishing physical features, while his general shape is too blocky and geometric. There are some nifty smaller details in his pants and boots, and the texture on his torso adds realism. But his shirt is a separate;y added and annoyingly loose rubber piece. For whatever reason, one leg is too short when compared to the other, which looks bad and make him hard to pose. The accessories look pretty good, but there's just no style in sight here. Not to mention that the belt is impossible to fasten in the back.

Paint and Color

The colors are simple, but based on the movie accurately enough. The figure's arms don't match its torso, because of the natural color differences from plastic to rubber, and the upper arms are shiny while the lower arms are matte, making it all look odd when taken as a whole. The silver bands at the wrists are poorly painted. He does have a clean decal on his chest, but otherwise the skin tone doesn't match, and he looks kind of sickly anyway. The hairline is messy, but other face details turned out okay. At the very least, the accessories showcase some crisp applications.

Articulation and Posing

There just aren't a lot of points on this figure. It's impossible to pose him dynamically thanks to the super limited leg articulation. Plus the knee joints are awkwardly low on his legs, resulting in super-long thighs that simply can't be posed naturally in anything but a straight-up position. His abs joint is totally hindered by the shirt he wears. The arms do have a full range of motion, but the elbows, shoulders, and hips all come off ugly and sculpt-breaking. Thankfully nothing is broken, but nothing's particularly good either.

Overall Thoughts

Because of frustrating design elements, well below average sculpting and paint in this scale, and a super limited articulation model, Kirk is actually a pretty weak toy in the modern era.

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