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Spotlight on G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra City Strike Snake Eyes


G.I. Joe is one of the titans when it comes to action figure lines, and there are no characters more popular across the entire brand than Snake Eyes. Ever since the original A Real American Hero release, Snake Eyes has captured the heart of kids and collectors everywhere.

This version of Snake Eyes was released under the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra banner, but actually has closer ties to the popular animated movie, G.I. Joe Resolute. He was originally going to be released under that banner, but was instead moved into this line and given the nickname "City Strike". So despite his ties to a realistic property, City Strike Snakes Eyes is cartoon-styled and features a unique visual design.

  • Name: City Strike Snake Eyes
  • Line: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  • Year of Release: 2009
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Scale: 4-inch

Sculpt and Design

Snake Eyes' sculpt follows the G.I. Joe Resolute animated character model rather well, meaning it's a slick combination of ninja and paintball player. All the costume elements add to the look, with belts and buckles galore, armored patches in key areas, and loads of pouches likely holding numerous dangerous weapons and high-tech gadgets. The sculpt manages to keep the costume elements close to the body, instead of hanging loose or awkwardly.

The figure is reasonably proportioned, and its muscles are extremely detailed and realistic. Snaky Eyes is loaded with textures and crisp details that expand on the original animation model's look and make the figure more visually engaging. This is an intricate figure, featuring tons of small attention to detail that even figures in much larger scales don't typically receive..

The accessories aren't any different, looking like miniature version of their real life counterparts. For a figure this small, every single sculpted details is crisp and attentive, making it look much better than other 4-inch competitors. The accessories are even designed in a way that makes them all usable and fun for playtime as well as display time.

Paint and Color

Simply put, City Strike Snake Eyes features an attractive paint job and stylish color scheme. It's not colorful or eye-popping, but the contrast created by the differing shades of gray is appealing and eye-catching. The detailed paint applications look great too. For instance, the gray armored plates on his gloves are clean, the details on his face are near-perfect, and the Arashikage emblem on his arm is crisp and clear.

Snake Eyes' accessories are all cast in black plastic, and only his sword, sheath, and knife have any applications to liven them up, each with an appropriate silver color accenting the black. When taking all the different elements together, it's easy to see that this is actually a pretty solid paint job in this scale, and makes the strong sculpt even more enjoyable.

Articulation and Posing

Snake Eyes was blessed with what is the norm for modern G.I. Joe articulation. Snake Eyes can pull off a number of interesting poses, twirling swords at awesome angles or firing bullets in any direction. All of the joints work wonderfully, and even the usually weak G.I. Joe wrists are holding up well. Similarly, each joint has a great range of motion, without a single excessive sculpt limitation in sight. Snake Eyes is easy to play with and can be displayed in lots of dynamic ways, especially when paired with his accessories. Articulation doesn't mean anything if you can't make the most of it with fun stuff, and Snake Eyes has all the fun stuff necessary to make the points really worthwhile.

Overall Thoughts

Unlike many of the "black on black" Snake Eyes releases throughout the history of G.I. Joe, City Strike Snake Eyes introduces some gray into the equation. It might seem like a small change, but it's enough to make this random figure in a random line one of the best G.I. Joe figures of its decade, and one of the most memorable ever. When it comes to modern G.I. Joe toys, they don't get much better than City Strike Snake Eyes.

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