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Spotlight on DC Universe Classics Metallo


The love of the DC Universe Classics line was widespread in its early stages, and collectors went crazy trying to track down every figure. The elusive Series 5 figures which were exclusive to Walmart proved a nightmare to completionists, as they became rarer and rarer as time passed. Collecting all five figures was a struggle for even the most dedicated fans, making the "Collect-and-Connect" Metallo figure for the wave one of the most desired figures in the line's history.

Metallo is a Superman bad guy who has gone through as many changes as Superman has gone through years. The character always looks a little different, and for this collect and connect figure Mattel decided to go for the big, giant, and humongous robot look, which is a big and intimidating one, as opposed to some of his more human versions. The only way to get this figure is by purchasing each of the 5 figures from DC Universe Classics Series 5 and assembling him, and he's well worth the effort in tracking each piece down, because he's a fantastic figure.

  • Name: Metallo Collect-and-Connect
  • Line: DC Universe Classics
  • Year of Release: 2008
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Scale: 6-inch

Sculpt and Design

Metallo's sculpt is a thing of beauty, and really stands out compared to the rest of the line of which he's a part. Each of the other figures are just basic sculpt reissues, but every piece of Metallo was clearly designed for exclusive use with the figure, and makes the technical giant stand out against the best of the best in the DC Universe Classics line. Metallo is full of little rivets, screws, wires, scratches, gears, dents, and any other miniscule characteristic one can imagine.

There is a nice balance in the figure's visual, looking appropriately technological but still like it was pieced together from scrap, capturing the comic story behind its creation perfectly. Metallo also towers over other figures, giving the figure a definite presence on the shelf that still holds up throughout the entire line's run.

Paint and Color

The paint on Metallo is equally stunning compared to the sculpt. The figure is primarily composed of silver paint that looks aged and worn in some spots, while fresh and shiny in others. It's a good effect that balances the two worlds of Metallo once again. There is also a great rust effect on the boots that makes Metallo look like he's been standing in water far too long. The silver color combines nicely with accent colors like the bronze on the hands and head, and the teal wires and bands.

The most amazing effect is the beautiful effect accomplished with the green kryptonite glow on Metallo's chest once the chestplate has been removed. It really looks like the kryptonite in the figure's chest is glowing a flourescent green. Mattel didn't hold anything back with the paint on this figure, in an otherwise questionable series of figures, and Metallo has become a classic in the Classics line because of it.

Articulation and Posing

Metallo's articulation is the figure's only somewhat weak attribute, and even it isn't a major issue. There are a lot of different articulation points, even more than the DCUC standard, and Mattel managed to blend the articulation into the sculpt perfectly. The designers did a fantastic job taking advantage of his mechanical nature when working the articulation in naturally as gears and hydrolics. The problem with Metallo is that some of the joints are loose, particularly the chest joint. The figure is so top heavy and the joint is so loose that he occasionally falls over when trying advanced poses. This isn't a terrible problem when playing with Metallo, but can require some additional patience.

Overall Thoughts

Metallo is a fantastic figure that Mattel clearly put a lot of time into. An amazing sculpt coupled with a incredible paint job makes Metallo one of the standout Collect-and-Connect figures in the DC Universe Classics line, and one of the top figures in the line's history.

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