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6 Tips for Displaying Action Figures


The best part of having an action figure collection is putting it on display. Whether it's a huge exhibit to show off to friends or a small shelf in a cramped office, putting together a great action figure display takes some work, preparation, and a little know-how. The following tips and tricks will set any collector on the right track to building the perfect display for a collection.

The Planning Phase

Determine the location. The first step in setting up a display is determining where and how the figures are going to be displayed. Collectors need to identify whether the figures will be on a shelf on the wall, stuffed into a bookcase, standing freely on a desk, or any other number of options and then move forward from there. It might sound simple, but it goes a long way when identifying exactly where they are going, what's going to be around them, and any potential problems.

Measure the area. Some display areas might have room for 100 figures, and others might be limited to five toys. Getting an exact idea of the space available helps you plan which and how figures will make it into the display. If you're dealing with particularly small displays, you'll need to take extra precautions and choose figures carefully to avoid falling figures and other mishaps.

Choose the figures. Based on the location and the available area, figures need to be chosen. It helps to select figures of varying sizes and heights to create a balanced display. If figures are all the same height, they will block one another from view. It might also help to create color schemes which match the surroundings, themes of figures that go together, or assorting them based on lines or manufacturers. There are many ways to choose the figures in a display, the important part is knowing which figures are included when actually setting them up.

Setting Up the Display

Organize the figures. For figures being assorted in a standard standing fashion, it helps to organize the figures before setting them up in the display. Put figures in exactly the same arrangement on a desk or workspace to see if they'll fit in the designated measurements without problems. If the arrangement fits and looks good, then you can move onto the actual display without tweaking it.

Check joints and balance. There's nothing worse than setting up a perfect display only to have a figure fall over and destroy the whole thing. Before placing each figure in a display, check its joints for any loose or problematic articulation. It also helps to place it on a table and give the figure a nudge to see if it falls or remains balanced. These precautionary steps can prevent headaches down the road.

Place the figures. Figures should always be placed starting with the back row, and then moving row-by-row to the front row. This ensures that front-row figures won't be knocked over while trying to reach behind them to set up a back row. Planning helps prevent falls, but steady hands and patience are also required to keep a display from falling in the middle of its creation.

By following these steps, collectors can set up a new display with fewer problems, fewer falls, and a much more attractive and organized collection.

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