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How to Open an Action Figure Package


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Gathering the Necessary Tools
How to Open an Action Figure

Gathering your supplies is the first step.

Corey Tincher

Not everyone opens their action figures, but for those of us who do, it can be a trying and tiring process. I've always been someone who ripped open a package as soon as I could, and that has resulted in damaged figures and bent cardbacks more times than I care to count. These tips will make sure you and your figures make it through the process safely.

It's usually very easy to open an action figure package with just your hands, but to do the job in the most efficient and least damaging way, you'll need a pair of sharp scissors. A sharp knife also works, but is much more dangerous, so I recommend scissors. They do the job just fine.

We'll be using this random G.I. Joe Jungle-Viper figure I had laying around as our guinea pig for the process.

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