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Transformers is without a doubt one of the most important brands in the action figure industry. Its popularity is unmatched, and it has been a constant staple of the action figure aisle for generations. With each new iteration of Transformers, new fans and new collectors are added to the long history of people who love the robots in disguise.

Transformers Prime is one of the most successful iterations to date. The cartoon is immensely popular, and the best Transformers television show to date. The characters are well designed and visually striking. The action figures are created to match, making the Transformers Prime brand a total powerhouse in both the cartoon market and the world of action figures.

This guide will give you all the information you need on Transformers Prime. By the time you've read all the following articles, you'll be a veritable expert on Transformers Prime as both a cartoon and an action figure line. You'll also want to expand your collection by a figure or ten.

To get started, it helps to get an understanding of the Transformers Prime cartoon. It tells the story, introduces the characters, and entertains viewers of all ages.

Transformers Prime Cartoon

Transformers Prime exists in various media outside the cartoon. There is a video game based on the show, and books have covered the show as well. See how to enjoy Transformers Prime in all its various iterations and media with the following articles.

Transformers Prime in Other Media

As wonderful as the Transformers Prime television show is, there's nothing quite like action figures, and the Transformers Prime action figures are fantastic plastic renditions of the characters on the cartoon. Read reviews of various figures below, and expand your Transformers Prime collection.

Transformers Prime Action Figure Reviews

Transformers Prime is a wonderful take of the classic Transformers characters every action figure collector knows and loves. Keep checking back here for more articles and insights into the re-envisioned Transformers that are a part of the fantastic Transformers Prime universe.

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