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There is a lot to know about the action figure industry, and the following resources will help you find the information for which you are looking. Whether curious about the history of your favorite line of figures or trying to track down the one figure you're missing, these resources should help.
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Action figure lines are more complex than just the figures being released. There are histories leading up to them, companies behind them, and reviews that point consumers in the right direction. These guides gather every piece of relevant information about specific toy lines and aim to make collecting them considerably easier.


Keeping track of every figure released in an action figure line is a tall order. Checklists and that gather all of that information into one easy to use place make collecting easier to manage and more enjoyable.

Histories and Legends

Although the action figure industry is relatively young compared to many collecting hobbies, there are still a number of different lines and a multitude of figures from the last 50 years. Along with the history of each line, there are also certain legends and oddities that become a part of the lore of action figures.

Other Media

The world of action figure collecting is rarely complemented with outside resources that add to the hobby. But when there are books, shows, or events that capture the essence of the figure, it's important for collectors to take notice.

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