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The Avengers is one of history's biggest hits at the box office, and with its plethora of memorable heroes, it's a marvel for action figure collectors. Hasbro took full advantage of the movie's giant cast, exciting character designs, and high-tech vehicles and accessories, producing a great assortment of figures to finally whet the appetite of long-patient fans.

Like previous Hasbro Marvel movie tie-in lines, the Avengers 4-inch line features figures produced in Comic, Movie, and Concept styles. Figures in the Comic style are based on traditional comic book appearances, while those in the concept style are based on more fantastic ideas and designs that fans typically haven't seen. The movie series captures each character as they appear on the big screen, often in various costumes throughout the film.

The Avengers 4-inch line also maintains a consistent numbering system across figures, making organization of the line quite collector-friendly. The following list details each of the figures in the 4-inch line, by number, with the appropriate series label in parentheses.

The Avengers

Figure Series

  • 01 Super Shield Captain America (Comic Series)
  • 02 Battle Hammer Thor (Comic Series)
  • 03 Heavy Artillery Iron Man (Concept Series)
  • 04 Rocket Grenade Captain America (Concept Series)
  • 05 Marvel's Hawkeye (Comic Series)
  • 06 Sword Spike Thor (Concept Series)
  • 07 Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VI (Concept Series)
  • 08 Gamma Smash Hulk (Movie Series)
  • 09 Shock Strike Thor (Movie Series)
  • 10 Shield Launcher Captain America (Movie Series)
  • 11 Iron Man Fusion Armor MK VII (Movie Series)
  • 12 Cosmic Spear Loki (Movie Series)
  • 13 Marvel's Hawkeye (Movie Series)
  • 14 Grapple Blast Black Widow (Movie Series)
  • 15 Skrull Soldier (Comic Series)

Deluxe Series

  • Captain America Arial Infiltration (Comic Series)
  • Iron Man Divebomb Mission (Comic Series)

Vehicle Series

  • Alien Chariot with Alien Chariot Driver
  • Avengers Quinjet with Iron Man
  • Captain America Goliath Assault Tank
  • Shield Helicarrier with Captain America
  • Iron Man Firestrike Assault Jet
  • Stark Tek Assault Armor - Iron Man
  • Stark Tek Assault Armor - Captain America

The Avengers figures are typically well-made and adequate representations of the film's characters. Although not as detailed or articulated as 6-inch versions that have been produced for previous Marvel movie lines, these figures will more than satisfy the average collector looking for Avengers toys.

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