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Marvel Legends (2012) Checklist


A Returning Legend

The Marvel Legends line by Toy Biz is one of the greatest action figure lines in the history of the industry. So many great characters were released, and a ton of great figures were produced. It was exactly the kind of line Marvel Comics fans had been waiting for. Toy Biz and Marvel seemed like a match made in heaven.

Unfortunately when Hasbro acquired the Marvel license and continued releasing Marvel Legends figures in 2007, a lot of fans were disappointed in the figures Hasbro produced. The line dwindled and eventually went on hiatus in 2009. It seemed like the 6-inch era of Marvel figures had ended, despite the success of the smaller Marvel Universe line. But Hasbro wasn't done with Marvel Legends, and the line has returned with a brand new series hitting stores in January 2012. The figures look fantastic, and the return to such a classic line has given fans a lot of hope.

The new 2012 line consists of seven figures being released in each series, with each figure including a piece of the Build A Figure. When all the figures have been collected, the Build A Figure can be assembled. With this new line, there are running change figures that will be implemented into some shipments of the line, and include unique Build A Figure pieces as well. This will allow for variant Build A Figures. All these variants can make keeping track of the releases difficult, so consult the following checklist.

Marvel Legends (2012)

Terrax Series

  • Steve Rogers
  • Constrictor
  • Ghost Rider
  • X-Men's Hope Summers
  • Extremis Iron Man
  • Marvel's Claw
  • Thor
  • Terrax BAF

Arnim Zola Series

  • Heroic Age Captain America
  • Thunderball (Piledriver Running Change)
  • Drax the Destroyer
  • Madame Masque (Madame Hydra Running Change)
  • Big Time Spider-Man (Future Foundation Variant)
  • Fantomex
  • Daken (Unmasked Variant)
  • Arnim Zola BAF (Red Skull Zola Variant)
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