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Action Figure Checklists

It's always difficult to track down the details of action figure lines, and checklists are a great resource to help you find the information you need. These checklists provide context on the lines they cover, and provide a detailed list of every release, variant, and reissue to help you organize your collection.

Marvel Universe Checklist
From the kick of the popular 4" action figure line featuring the stars of the Marvel Universe up to the latest releases, this checklist will help keep casual and completist collectors on track.

Masters of the Universe Classics Checklist
This is a comprehensive checklist of the 2008 and onward Masters of the Universe Classics line of action figures manufactured by Mattel.

ThunderCats Checklist
This is a checklist for the Bandai line of classic and modern ThunderCats action figures.

Lego Minfigures Checklist
Lego has been releasing waves of 16 individual minifigures, which are perfect for action figure collectors who aren't into building sets, but love the style of minifigures. This is a checklist for the minifigures Lego has released.

Ghostbusters Classics Checklist
The new Ghostbusters line from Mattel has a lot of different characters and variant figures. This checklist gathers them all in one easy to read place.

Transformers Masterpiece Checklist
Keep track of all the different Transformers Masterpiece releases with this thorough checklist detailing each and every figure.

Marvel Legends (2012) Checklist
Keep up with Hasbro's newest take of the classic Marvel Legends line with this checklist detailing every figure released so far.

Lego Super Heroes Buildable Figures Checklist
Lego's contribution to the world of action figure's doesn't end. The Super Heroes Buildable Figures line introduces highly articulated stylized building figures based on famous comic book characters.

Lego Hero Factory Checklist
The Lego Hero Factory takes Lego bricks and turns them into action figures with an interesting narrative and lots of potential for play.

The Avengers Checklist
The Avengers is the biggest movie of all time, and the action figure line is just as big. Make sure you have every figure you need with this Avengers action figure checklist.

Battle Beasts (1987) Checklist
The classic Battle Beasts line was an action figure sensation, and with over 100 different figures being released, a checklist can help collectors organize this massive vintage line.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Checklist
The return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2012 was a major moment in the brand's history, bringing with it a plethora of fantastic figures and refreshed characters, as well as throwbacks to the vintage line.

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