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Corey Tincher

Corey Tincher is an avid action figure collector, writer, and professional with more than 3,000 articles in his publishing history and more than 3,000 action figures in his collection.


Corey has been a collector for two decades and owns action figures from the last five. He has utilized his experiences as a collector to launch or serve as editor for multiple action figure news and blog sites including Articulated Discussion, the Past Generation Toys Blog, About.com Action Figures, and DASH Flash. Throughout the years he has written thousands of articles and taken tens of thousands of photos to accompany them.

His online experience is complemented by his time spent as Marketing Manager for an online toy retailer, allowing him to see the inner workings of the business-side of the industry. Corey is currently the full-time Community Manager for Collector-ActionFigures.com. Corey regularly visits trade and fan shows, is connected with numerous manufacturers, and has relationships with a variety of action figure retailers.

By Corey Tincher:

I still fondly remember the excitement of ripping open a new toy when I was a kid. There was nothing like that odd smell of plastic and the imagination it could suddenly stir. Most people lose the joys of their childhood somewhere along the way, but every time I open an action figure, even today, that sensation returns. I'm so glad I haven't lost that joy over the years. I hope to bring that same feeling of childhood freedom and excitement to other collectors, whether new or old.

The world of action figures is a surprisingly complex one, and sometimes we need a guide to get through the process of collecting. I've purchased a lot of figures throughout the years, and developed an eye for what makes them great. I want to pass that knowledge and experience on to my readers with reviews, spotlights, and resources to help them make sense of all the amazing action figures out there.

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